The New Q94

We are happy to announce that you have been heard, and JackFM has hit the road!  Check back here for more updates on events going on around the area.

18 comments on “The New Q94”

  1. Greg Reply

    we are looking forward to a change to true classic rock … no more bee gees or michael jackson …. lets rock

  2. Chris Reply

    It’s about time you got rid of Jack. Been listening alot since Friday when you made the announcement. You sound 100% better than before. Thanks

  3. EVH Reply

    A very welcome change! It’s been too long since WP had a decent rock station.

  4. Ed Reply

    Keep it classic guys. I like all of Van Halen’s albums, but “Why can’t this be love” isn’t “classic” rock. “Ain’t talkin’ bout love” is!

  5. bob myler Reply

    is it a law somewhere that every rock station has to play at least 5-6 pink Floyd and 5-6 zeppelin songs EVERY DAY?!!!!!!!! love the different mix and deeper cuts from artist BUT EVERYDAY TO MUCH FLOYD AND ZEPPLIN also to much guns and roses. there is WAY to much music out there from groups that than never gets air time. please program some other artists for play than these guys. we listen to radio 8-9 hrs. at work and I know there is more variety out there.

  6. Scott Reply

    Love the new format, thought I was in St Louis listening to KSHE95 which is a big compliment. Don’t change a thing, love the live DJ too

  7. Angel Reply

    My husband and I love the change. It’s great while we are sitting around the bonfire with friends and cold beer.Keep playing the music.

  8. terry zelk Reply

    like the new change, can’t stand gary lee, horrible dj! his voice is irritating and he constantly talks over the music. hire a real dj, please!!!!

  9. Zab Reply

    Found this rocking station on a fishing trip, great station. Now I am home I want to stream you, is that possible?

  10. Wendy Reply

    Thank you for getting rid of Jack!!! Now if you could get rid of the morning guy, I would listen more. I won’t turn on the radio when he’s on. I can’t tolerate his voice. He talks too much and doesn’t say anything. Does he like to hear his own voice???? He belongs on TALK RADIO.

  11. Wendy Sliger Reply

    How about some true classic? Led Zeppelin, Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs (lots), Jethro Tull, Steve Winwood, do the math! It’s there. Please play to true.

  12. 70s classic rock please! Reply

    Okay, Wednesday Sep 21. Your “Classic Rock” station is playing a BUNCH OF CRAP that is NOT classic rock. WTH?

    Fire that crappy excuse for a morning DJ and play Classic rock and roll. (hint: melissa etheridge and mumford and sons and crappy 80s hair bands are NOT classic rock).

  13. Theresa Reply

    Hey! I found you for first time, love it! My problem is… I would like to live stream. I can’t always pick you up here in Marshfield. I have downloaded a few apps to pick you up. , can’t find. I hear a song today I really liked and want to know what it was. I wanted to know the song played Sat. 3,2017 @ aroun 2:30. DJ was talking about Lenard Skinnard after the song. Any help appreciated. Thanks

  14. Curt Reply

    Glad Jack is off! Carl Russo needs too quit dwelling on the negative! Every station break, he’s talking irrelevant crap and most off it’s a buzz kill. He could be playing songs!…

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